Tuesday, December 16, 2014

The Fallon Taylor Fallacy...

I have heard it all.

“EW why isn’t she representing the sport of rodeo better?!”

“She’s so entitled, who does she think she is?”

“I LOVE her she is amazing and my hero!”

“Screw that cow, she is weird”

“What is up with the helmet thing?”

Every word, every insult, and every admiring comment hurts my heart.

I watch Fallon Taylor’s online presence with something more than interest – I watch it with wonder. With sadness.

I remember being 14, the year I started going to Cowboy Poetry Gatherings. A group of girls, who are by now married – with children and leading their own lives – were the first ones in a long line of people who loved to make fun of me.

It never really occurred to me to be embarrassed, even when sometimes I probably should have!

I had a job to do. I had something I loved, their words were just that – words.
But after a while it began to take its toll. People laughed on online chat forums while secretly buying my albums and forgetting I could see the name displayed. They laughed when I walked by, and made jokes about me not wearing the types of clothes the other gals my age wore.

And you know what? It fueled me.  It hurt sometimes, but more than hurting – it forced me to want to do even bigger better things because I don’t like loosing. And I believed in what I was doing. And to me, what I was doing was preserving a style and way of life that is in jeopardy from our modern cultural changes, and doing it through a genre of music that basically no young people – or girls that could actually cowboy did. It was considered “uncool” and I was OK with that because I believed in what I sang.

A few years past, and for SOME reason, the young people started going to the poetry gatherings again. The midnight dances and beer kegs I organized to lure them in worked well, but the history and passion for a way of life that they really do love deep down – no matter how “uncool” it was to like it – took precedence.

As I watched this year’s NFR, and carefully to see people’s comments on Facebook. Their thoughts and emotions. Some hated Fallon because she dresses CRAZY (ok she really does, its amazing) and I think a little because she is so damn good. Some LOVE her because she dresses so cray cray (talk about breaking barriers ya’ll!) and admire her kind spirit and willingness to help the young folks.

Eventually all of them have to admit – they admire someone who will not stop. Who will not give up. Who will not let those who make fun of her bring her down and cause her to stop something she loves.  

I wouldn’t wear tie-dye pants and hats with sparkles…but for a long time, it was weird that I was a young girl who wore her cowboy hat and pea coats everywhere instead of the current trends.  I never wore a helmet when I rode broncs, and I damn sure wish I had now. 7 major concussions later, and a lot of forgetting my words and headaches and I will never make fun of someone for protecting their health.

Folks, be careful whom you mock – they are usually the trendsetters. The outliers, the ones who make things happen – they are the future, the ones we end up teaching our children about and singing the praises of.

Fallon Taylor, you keep on rockin your tie-dye and winning like nobodies business girl, don’t let the haters get you down – they usually end up being your biggest supporters in the end…

And I’ll be watching and cheering from the sidelines, maybe it’s time for a song about a barrel racing legend ;)  



Wednesday, December 3, 2014

"Cowboy's ain't easy to love & they're harder to hold" Gift ideas for the cowboy...

Yesterday I blogged about my little wish-list, and I got a TON of messages asking for ideas for what in the world you ladies should get the cowboy in your life....

Here are some of my favorite ideas...

Cowboy Honor Jeans...

I wear them. You wear them. He wears them. He always needs more, because let's face it - Men ALWAYS try to wear their dirty work pants to town. 
Lets help them by making ALL their pants branding pen AND town worthy! 


Ok so CUSTOM boots may be out of the question...
But Paul Bond offers the stock underslung boot which is not only a cheaper option, but one he will probably use the heck out of! 
Find them HERE.

For the guy who REALLY digs speciality gifts, check out Zace's line of denim for men.
Don't ask questions.
Just follow THIS link.
You're welcome.

Ok so maybe this is just me, but I have this thing for old fashioned straight razors. Especially gorgeous ones like this. Find it HERE.

Kevin Murphy's Custom Hats.
This guy builds the most beautiful hats in the world, wearable pieces of art that will have him happy as a kid in a candy store on Christmas morning.
Check out some of your options HERE

I've ALWAYS wanted to get someone a first edition of one of these books...if your cowboy is a reader, check out some of the amazing book dealers out there online who specialize in first editions and western history/memorabilia. They are so beautiful, and if you are with a man who is reader or history buff...you are blessed! 

Check out THIS link...

I hope some of these ideas can help, if anyone would like more ideas I always have TONS...

Ropes, caps, moccasins, magazine subscriptions, fishing/hunting trips, truck goodies, rodeo entry fees.....ok. You get the picture. I have a lot of gift ideas. This year, the man I'm focusing on buying for is my daddy, and he's a tough cookie to surprise. Stay tuned! 



PS. I always forget this part! You can always use CD's as stocking stuffers...

HERE is a link to buy my Buckaroogirl, Boots and Pearls and Highway 80 albums!

Tuesday, December 2, 2014

"All I want for Christmas...."

So Thanksgiving is over.


Of course, I have been listening to holiday music since July - and my Christmas presents have been bought and wrapped since October.

Now if you're done laughing at how weird I am.... anyone want to hear my totally-unreasonable-out-of-control-unrealistic-but-amazing "wish list" for this Christmas?

THIS Stunning pair of chaps built by Gerry Gesell....You can follow him on Facebook HERE!

This gorgeous headboard. Seriously. Search for Western Headboards on Pinterest.Follow my boards HERE.

Who doesn't need a pair of CRAZY wedges in their life? ( Ok I'm talking to the ladies here..)


I feel like this Pendleton coat and I could really re-live the 90's in a totally awesome way. 
Find it HERE.

Need I say more? 

A hairdryer shaped like a gun.
Don't even get me started. 

Get it HERE

I never can have enough boots.

These American Spirit ones are freaking amazing.
Get them HERE.

An ipad. I know I'm shallow....but seriously...how awesome for traveling?! 

What are some of your wishes? 


~Adrian <3 

Saturday, November 29, 2014

Red Lipped Bronc Stomper | Adrian Buckaroogirl | LIVE with Nick Luca


I am so blessed to have such an AMAZING group of guys to perform with! 

My guitarist Nick Luca is incredible, and not only insanely talented but one of the nicest guys you'll ever play with...

"Red Lipped Bronc Stomper" is still one of my favorite songs.
I wrote it horseback in Nevada one morning watching my sis Lizzy ride a broncy horse while we we're heading up to forest country to gather...the red lips and blonde hair everywhere just SLAMMED a song into me, and I wrote it as we trotted up the mountain....

Who out there has a "Red Lipped Bronc Stomper" they look up to?!

I hope you enjoy my channel and subscribe here as well as checking out my: 

BLOG: http://buckaroogirl.blogspot.com/ 

TWITTER: https://twitter.com/abuckaroogirl

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TUMBLR: http://buckaroogirl.tumblr.com/


~Adrian <3

Monday, November 24, 2014

Keeping up with the Kardashian's and no TV till Saturdays...

When I was little (ok not that I'm actually OLD now) my folks had a rule in the house.

No TV, except on Saturday mornings. 

Usually, the TV that WAS chosen in these stolen moments was either Loony Toons (I still love them) or old black and white films. My sister Lizzy and I loved the dancing and singing musicals from MGM, films like "Singing in the Rain" and "High Society" shaped our film education, while a steady dose of John Wayne and Gunsmoke aided in us knowing JUST how a man should act.

These movies and short moments we enjoyed the rarity of on Saturday mornings set me up for something, that later in life I will always be thankful to my parents for...and that was, to have a LIFE.

LIFE isn't TV. Plain and simple. 

Life isn't sitting inside watching drama-filled shows of fighting families and wishing we had as much money as them, because we had more than just the existence of an armchair and remote.

Instead of "Keeping up with the Kardashians" ...

We had horses, cows, the woods, the saddle shop, singing, the piano, camping, running, hiking, waterfall jumping, cave exploring, daydreaming, reading, cooking, fence building, colt riding, roping, dress-up, family time, hunting, and in my case - learning about and living full time in a 14 ft indian lodge from middle school through high school.

I am so surprised everyday living in town while attending college - how things like TV can take up so much of the "kids" around me time. They talk about what happened last night to so-and-so, they discuss their relationships and personalities in unique detail and more passion than most ever show while "engaging" in the class.

Now I have nothing against having a TV, or folks enjoying themselves relaxing - I'm just a weird old person in a 22 year old's body. I love getting to see the news ( OK so it mostly makes me mad or depressed but I must stay up-to-date on current events!) sometimes an occasional romantic comedy - western - or an old episode of friends. Mostly I take ten minutes on the weekend to draw while watching a documentary. I'm on a WWII kick and am watching basically the whole Military Channel history at the moment! But this black box does not control me. 

When I sit down, it is usually with a book. And that is because my parents gave me that love.
When I talk about my childhood, it is of camping and life experiences - not video games.
When I think of a piece of history that applies in class - it is because my folks took the time to talk to their kids at the dinner table, and to teach us about the importance of caring about the past.

When I get to school this week, talk around campus will be about some naked woman who decided to let someone take pictures of her rear-end.

Personally I don't give a damn about her. 

But because of my parents - these are the headlines from this week that I DO care about.

THESE are the people that are my superheroes.

THESE are the men and women who should be gracing our TIME MAGAZINE covers and being interviewed on the news.

THESE are the things that matter to me....what happened that changed what matters to us these days?

Maybe it doesn't matter, but this is what I wish we had more of...

  • We need more Grandpas who sit and tell stories about Vietnam and Korea. And kids that care to listen. 

  • We need more Eva Shockey's and Kendall Jone's who utilize their public status as advocates for conservation and passing that mindset onto the next generation.

  • We need less WalMarts and more mom-and-pops. 

  • We need more MADE IN AMERICA and less China.

  • We need more kids who look like kids, our little girls should be able to dress and act like little girls, not 25 year olds.

  • We need more reading. Davy Crockett, Robinson Crusoe and Swiss Family Robinson. 

  • We need more HEADLINES that talk about WAR HERO'S like Lance Corporal William Kyle Carpenter and Pfc. Ross A. McGinnis. Men who risked, and some who gave their lives for the sake of their comrades and in the service of there country.

  • We need more people like Tom Moorhouse - hard workers and ranchers who care about the land and animals that they are charged with the care of.

  • We need more dinners among families around the same table, talking not texting. 

We need more REAL LIFE. More common sense. 

Less Kim K.

More God.

And no TV till Saturday. 

Love you all, 



Sunday, November 23, 2014

Serape, buffalo skulls and ranch plans...

I love pictures...

I save basically everything all the time. I see a picture of a cowhide chair.
I see plans of a fence for a future ranch I love?
Gorgeous high heels I will never wear and boots I shouldn't buy?

I use those pictures I save as inspirational reminders of what I love, what I miss, what I want - girly things like that. 

Here are some of what I save....

I hope it lends you a little Sunday inspiration as well...


~Adrian <3 

Saturday, November 15, 2014

4 different ways to rock your Ranch Royalty jeans!

Hey ladies! 

I am always getting questions about the BEST way to style your Ranch Royalty jeans....

Sometimes it is hard to come up with ideas beyond the work-boot-with-town-jeans scenario, but I've got some ideas for you today!

I like to mix it up, Ranch Royalty makes so many awesome different styles of jeans, that you can go right from the branding pen to town, to a night out dancing

Here are a few ideas for stylin' your threads this week! 



~Adrian <3