Thursday, February 26, 2015

Catch up, boutiques and rodeo shoes!

Hey Ya'll!

So I've been busier than a one armed coat hanger, you may have been able to tell by the fact that my blogging skills have basically been NILL.


I'm waiting for the day when I can tell everyone all the exciting and nutty things I've been working on, but until then....I'll try to show you some of the fun things I've been finding and discovering!

Everyone knows I'm a little bit of a nutty shopper, but lately I've been doing some colaborations with some fantastic boutiques and companies and LOVE what I'm finding...

I figured I'd share so that you ladies could enjoy some of the awesomeness too!

Ok aren't these heels adorable?! I discovered WEAR FLOGGS a few months ago, and the gorgeous gals over at the company sent me some rockin heels to wear...I'm going to be tromping around the 2016 NFR in these bad boys I have a feeling! 

My favorite thing ever.... Ranch Royalty Clothing Company is amazing. They sponsor me and make sure I'm always spiffed up for shows and feelin good on stage! This is one of my favorite pieces, fun-funky-gypsy-like and goes with anything! 

I'm SO excited about the new boutique SWEET SILVER! They have adorable goodies and really comfy dresses...perfect for summer and the (hopefully!) coming on spring! Check them out and give them a LIKE on Facebook! 

Last month this terribly sweet gentleman from WHOA PODCAST interviewed me and we just had a blast! Music, horsemanship, ranches, horse talk and gear reviews are just some of what this great online podcast talks about....if you're a horse lover, this is something you need to check out! 

I hope y'all love the little overview here and check out some of the links...tell em' Adrian sent you, and happy discovery! <3



Thursday, February 12, 2015

Where'd you go? | Adrian Buckaroogirl | Buckaroogirl

Where'd you go?

The Spanish sounding track from Adrian's latest album "Buckaroogirl" is known for it's fun, fast paced tempo, and old school style sounds. 

For more music, look for Adrian Buckaroogirl on iTunes, Amazon,, Hitching Post Supply, Eclectic Horseman, Tips Saddlery, and listen online at Spotify! 

Please request Adrian's music on Pandora, and any western retailers you feel should carry Buckaroogirl's music!







Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Cowboy living...


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I saw this awesome list of health ideas for "Green living"...

I loved it, but I also thought maybe it could use a few I turned it into a COWBOY list of ideas for living right!

What else would you add to the list?!

Less green tea, more beer (ok, maybe coffee)

Less chicken, more BEEF (this I believe) 

Less rap, more Red Steagall (REALLY believe)

Less walking, more riding (horses, not bikes)

Less video games, more Will James and Baxter Black ( kids, put it down. Go outside)

Less ballet flats, more underslungs (Safer. Healthier)

Less low rise, more modesty ( Cover up yall)

Less anger, more laughter 

Less Prius's, more pickups (Diesel is better. I can prove it)


Less tofu, more home grown veggies (Do I need to explain this?)

Less complaining, more doing

Less depending, more doing

Less society, more Jesus.

xoxo ❤️

Saturday, January 24, 2015

YouTube videos....

Hey everyone! 

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Monday, January 19, 2015

Giveaway time! Thanks to Boot Roxx!!!

Hey Yall!

The gals over at the budding company Boot Roxx have sent me some ADOREABLE pairs of boot covers.....

And I mean ADOREABLE! 

All you have to do, if go LIKE and COMMENT with your name on any of the videos posted on YouTube, Facebook or Instagram.

I'll be choosing a few winners this week, and will be throwing in signed CDs, posters and other goodies from!


Good luck everyone!

Adrian ❤️

Travelin & loving in black and white.....

I troll photos....

Literally, I spend so much time looking at old photographs that sometimes I need to stop myself and organize and DELETE some of them! 

But I draw a lot of inspiration from pictures, and think about the future a lot through is a peak inside my imagination through photos......

Monday, January 12, 2015


I love red Herefords 

That 70's look they have and the colorful mess they make when you're gathering

A sea of red and dirty white

I love the taste of hot bitter black coffee as you drive off with a rattling pipe stock trailer behind

The hot liquid 

And cold togo cup waking up my 3 am mind

I still love the feeling of throwing a perfect heel shot

The jerking slack

The whuff as you stack on dallys

The pull and tug and stretch and then stillness

Smiling at the other end of the rope

I love fancy inlaid boots and twirling until early morning

And the sobering silly feeling of Waffle House after the nights revelries with friends 

How the cowboys tip back their kids and giggle

The seriousness they show to the world gone for a few moments

Before the wild stories begin again

The pulse of red dirt drums lingering long after the band has packed up

And me with them

Imagining it all

Realizing I'm up

And stepping onto the stage