Saturday, September 6, 2014

VOTE for Buckaroogirl to sing at the NFR!



Ok, all my followers I'm asking a seriously huge favor from you. 

I really would love to see a WORKING real cowboy sing the National Anthem this year at the NFR in Las Vegas....

I submitted my YouTube video (because apparently this is how it works!) and the votes are piling in...but it's still a tight competition.

For everyone that goes and VOTES for Adrian Brannan at the link below and comments VOTED on IG, FB or here on the blog, your name will automatically be set down for a C.D Giveaway/ Art giveaway from! 

Please follow the link, cast your vote and let us know you voted! Winners will be announced after the first voting round is complete for the Anthem contest! 

Thank-you everyone! Lets go to Vegas! <3

Thank-you all so much! 



Monday, September 1, 2014

The Will James Days | Adrian Buckaroogirl | Old Time Vaquero

Will James was, and always will be one of my biggest inspirations for my music.
I grew up reading his books, dying to be like the heroines in his stories-and tucking away little bits of information for later in life.

The way things used to be is something I'll never get over, because although I love the life I live today-I sometimes wish it was still, The Will James Days.






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Song is The Will James Days from the album Highway 80. Available on itunes.

Thursday, August 28, 2014

Throwback Thursday.... WRCA style!

Hey everyone!

I know I've been slacking on the blogging end of things here lately...but it's just because I'm busier than a one-armed coat hanger!

I thought to fill the blogger-void I would share some of my favorite memories from previous WRCA World Championship Ranch Rodeo's, as I just got the news I'll be back again this year for the 19th annual event this year!

The WRCA is really amazing to me for a lot of reasons, one of them being their continued dedication to supporting and helping ranching families and cowboys in need through their crisis fund...

You can check out more info HERE in this WRCA released video (with music by yours truly)  and make sure you join or donate to support this wonderful cause. The organization does so much good, and seeing how it has personally touched so many lives makes my heart happy.

Here are a couple throwback from last year's 18th Annual World Championship Ranch Rodeo.....

What are some of your favorite memories from the Championships????

I can't wait to see you all there in Amarillo....make sure you check out for more info...and get ready for a good time! 



Monday, August 18, 2014

Buckaroogirl at the Wrangler NFR!



Hello Everyone!

This year the Wrangler NFR is again having it's National Anthem contest....

And I am finally entering!

This would be such an amazing experience and so much fun to be able to represent the working cowboys in Vegas....

Please feel free to SHARE this video on YouTube, Facebook, Twitter and any other social platforms you would like, and let us know what you think...
Lets go to the Wrangler NFR!






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~Adrian <3

Outfit of the day!

Today's outfit of the day!

The brand new Ranch Royalty "Cayce" jeans with red stitching (my favorite yet) 

Sissie and Me cuff, earrings, necklace and "Honky Tonk Girl" bracelet...

Ranch Royalty long sleeve T, new favorite!

Holy Cow Couture custom bag

Louis Vuitton wallet & RayBan Wayfarers

Corral Boots! 


~Adrian ��


Sunday, August 17, 2014

Sunday Morning Coming Down....

I love Sundays....

They are my favorite. 

Not because I get to stop working (No, I never do) but because for one day out of the week, no matter how crazy the world gets or how "rebellious" everyone is - Sunday is something different.

People slow down a little bit more...shops close, and it is an unspoken rule that everyone is calmer and easier on a Sunday.

Even if they have no "religious" reason to be taking it easy, it is unspoken that they must.


Whenever I think of Sundays I think of messy trucks and cold coffee. 

I know that sounds weird, but some of my favorite memories of Sundays are driving home (rushing) from rodeos or bronc rides in my messy pick-up, old country blaring on the radio and the windows down. I had probably over the course of the weekend torn up or gotten filthy all my long sleeved shirts, and was wearing the one T-shirt I would bring, with messy hair and probably no make-up but lipstick. 

And I loved that free, tired feeling of the calm before the next week started...

I still do. 

This Sunday has been beautiful and lazy for me (ok semi lazy).

I've had numerous cups of coffee, read in the sunshine and have been preparing business for the rush of insanity starting on Monday-and then.... *SHUDDER* the start of my classes on Tuesday for the fall semester.

How did school start so soon again anyway?! I just finished up with my summer class here people! 

I hope you all have a lovely summer Sunday, enjoy one another. 

Call a family member you haven't spoken to in a while, take time to read that book you have been meaning to - breathe, and praise The Lord for Sundays. 



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Thursday, August 14, 2014

Outfit of the day! Ranch Royalty & Louis Vuitton

I love love love getting big boxes of goodies from my amazing clothing sponsors

Ranch Royalty Clothing Co...

It's always easy to create fun outfits and put together comfortable with their awesome clothing....

I kinda have my own style (If you hadn't noticed already) and Ranch Royalty lets me have fun and let my freak flag fly everyday, whether I'm in the branding pen, heading to class or sitting in church...

Check out today's outfit of the day! 

  • Jeans: Ranch Royalty NEW Cayce Jeans
  • TShirt: Sissie & Me
  • Lace Tank Top: Cotton On
  • Concho Belt: Sissie & Me
  • Indian Head Belt: Vintage
  • Necklaces: Sissie & Me
  • Headband: H&M
  • Rings & Bracelets: Sissie & Me
  • Moccasins: Vintage
  • Wallet: Louis Vuitton 



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