Saturday, January 24, 2015

YouTube videos....

Hey everyone! 

Have you subscribed to the Buckaroogirl YouTube channel yet?
There are always tons of fun new videos and goofy out takes going up on there....
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Monday, January 19, 2015

Giveaway time! Thanks to Boot Roxx!!!

Hey Yall!

The gals over at the budding company Boot Roxx have sent me some ADOREABLE pairs of boot covers.....

And I mean ADOREABLE! 

All you have to do, if go LIKE and COMMENT with your name on any of the videos posted on YouTube, Facebook or Instagram.

I'll be choosing a few winners this week, and will be throwing in signed CDs, posters and other goodies from!


Good luck everyone!

Adrian ❤️

Travelin & loving in black and white.....

I troll photos....

Literally, I spend so much time looking at old photographs that sometimes I need to stop myself and organize and DELETE some of them! 

But I draw a lot of inspiration from pictures, and think about the future a lot through is a peak inside my imagination through photos......

Monday, January 12, 2015


I love red Herefords 

That 70's look they have and the colorful mess they make when you're gathering

A sea of red and dirty white

I love the taste of hot bitter black coffee as you drive off with a rattling pipe stock trailer behind

The hot liquid 

And cold togo cup waking up my 3 am mind

I still love the feeling of throwing a perfect heel shot

The jerking slack

The whuff as you stack on dallys

The pull and tug and stretch and then stillness

Smiling at the other end of the rope

I love fancy inlaid boots and twirling until early morning

And the sobering silly feeling of Waffle House after the nights revelries with friends 

How the cowboys tip back their kids and giggle

The seriousness they show to the world gone for a few moments

Before the wild stories begin again

The pulse of red dirt drums lingering long after the band has packed up

And me with them

Imagining it all

Realizing I'm up

And stepping onto the stage



Friday, January 9, 2015

Adrian featured in American Cowboy Magazine

Thank you to American Cowboy Magazine for the article and gear review in this month's issue....

I talk about all my gear in the spread, and favorite clothes and hats like Ranch Royalty, Kevin Murphy Custom hats and Paul Bond boots.

Make sure you pick up a copy today!

Thursday, January 8, 2015

To future ranch kids...

I want you to love.

Not just people and things, I want you to love the earth

To realize that this fragile and beautiful thing is entrusted to your care by God

Treat it well
Like a cowboy should 

Ignore the calls of desk jobs 

Be free
Be outside
Be worthwhile and brave in your choices

I pray you choose good horses,and good women to share your lives with

I pray that you never know drought 
I pray you never know the pain of loosing the outfit
I pray you have good seasons and tough calves

Good mama cows and rain in the spring

Healthy colts and healthy babies
Let them play in the dirt, let them explore

Get them a good old saddle horse who has seen a lot of miles
And take them kids to work

Teach them that tough hands are more beautiful a thing than any fancy car
And that your word is better than a written contract

I pray that you know what the smell of a brush branding fire is like
And the gut feeling of happiness every time you choke a cow or rope a bull

The feeling of excitement and need for coffee in the early 3am mornings of work
And the feeling of watching the red sun rise as you trot out 

I pray you know what it is like to hold hands around an old ranch table at night and say grace

To work hard

To protect your rights

To dance the night away

To win rodeos

To love without fear

I pray you know what it is like, to be a cowboy.